Get back to assembly in no time.

Get back to assembly in no time.

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Welcome to IKParts. Never stop assembling your IKEA furniture, because IKPARTS has the largest IKEA spare parts inventory in the world.

We even have parts that have been discontinued by IKEA, providing your product with enhanced sustainability and longevity.

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IKEA Replacement Parts Finder

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right replacement part for your IKEA furniture or product, especially when the product is discontinued by IKEA. We created IKPARTS to help IKEA product owners find their part fast and easy with the below process.

1. Identify your IKEA Furniture/Product:

Start your IKEA Parts Finder journey by first identifying the furniture or IKEA product you need the spare parts for. You can do this by locating the product name, article number, or product description from the label or IKEA instruction manual.

If you no longer have access to these, you can browse our comprehensive IKEA product catalog to recognize your product.

2. Identify Missing Parts:

Knowing precisely which parts you’re missing is crucial. Refer to the assembly instructions and parts list in your IKEA manual to identify which specific components are missing.

Don’t have your manual anymore? Don’t worry! You can find digital copies of assembly instructions and parts list for all IKEA products on our product pages. Cross-reference these with your furniture to pinpoint the exact parts you need.

3. Select and Order the Missing Parts:

Now, with your product’s name and your missing parts identified, you are ready to select and order.

Navigate to the product page specific to your IKEA furniture and scroll down to the list of individual replacement parts. Here you will find detailed descriptions, images, and prices of each part. Simply add these to your cart and proceed to checkout when ready.

4. Delivery:

Once your order has been placed, we’ll quickly get your spare parts packed and sent off for delivery. You can expect your parts to be delivered straight to your door, ready for you to complete or repair your IKEA furniture without any further delay.

Taking these steps can significantly enhance your IKEA furniture ownership experience, ensuring you can enjoy your IKEA pieces for years to come.

At IKParts, we’re committed to helping you keep your IKEA furniture in top condition. All it takes is a little help from our IKEA Parts Finder tool, and you’re all set. Let’s get started with your replacement journey now!

Same day shipments for your IKEA parts

The job is not done when there is a part missing. We understand the frustration that comes with this problem, we aim to ship your parts the same day you order with us.